Earn More FFXIV Gil with the Help of Levequests
Jul. 9, 2018

To earn various rewards, most FFXIV gamers do levequests from time to time. You cannot deny that levequests in FFXIV are great fun. They provide FFXIV gamers with different kinds of missions and gamers can earn FFXIV Gil and items by doing levequests. However, some gamers are wondering how to earn FFXIV Gil more efficient with the help of levequests. Don’t worry. FFXIV Gil making tips via levequests listed below will give you a satisfying answer.

1. Only run battlecraft leves.

Battalecraft leves are where you will find the most opportunity for items to use or sell on the market. Other leves provide some rewards, but aren't as profitable as battlecraft leves. Battlecraft leves are where the items are at.

2. Pick a battlecraft leve that has an item as a reward.

Even if it's an item you can't use, it could be something you can sell on the market to earn some FFXIV Gil. Typically pick the leve that offer a piece of gear, not potions or food.

3. Hunt for treasure chests.

During leves, you can come across a treasure chest. Open it for an item to wear, potions, etc. In this way, your profit will increase. Search all areas, even if you are about to finish the leve.

4. Set the difficulty to max.

If you finish the leve with all of the objectives completed, you will typically receive a bonus full of FFXIV Gil. Try to kill any bounty targets as well. That means more FFXIV Gil and experience.

5. Avoid grand company leves.

These will offer lesser rewards, in favor of giving you grand company seals. Grand company seals are easy to get from other ways, so bypass these leves and devote your time to other leves to make more FFXIV Gil.

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