Elsword Guide on Speed Leveling
Jul. 13, 2018

How to level up fast in Elsword? The answer to this question is what Elsword gamers pursue all the time. So are there any secrets of speed leveling in Elsword? Absolutely, there are. Follow the tips listed below, you will surely level up fast. Get down to learning this guide.

1. Trade with Ariel for the EXP Medal

One of the first things you want to do is familiarizing yourself with a certain NPC in Elsword. The blonde NPC Ariel is one of the most helpful NPCs in Elsword. Ariel is the NPC you go to if you want to trade event items in for rewards.

The cheapest and easiest EXP medal in Elsword is EXP boost Medal. But please be noted that the medal expires after one day, so you will have to get it again. You can trade for this useful medal with three Evil Soul Orbs. Evil Soul Orbs can be easily acquired from Field Bosses. So, the first step is to go farm some field bosses. This has to be the first thing you do before you start doing dungeon runs to get this medal. That is because it takes no stamina to fight field bosses.

2. Do Dungeon Runs

Once you kill a few field bosses and have your medal, dungeon time comes which is the most important part for speed leveling in Elsword. Regardless of what level you are or what gear you have, always play dungeons on very hard.

You are going to end up playing every single dungeon at least five to ten times. This is because Elsword's story quests require you to beat the same dungeon multiple times. However, the story quests will say 'beat this dungeon on normal or hard' sometimes. Ignore it! You will still complete the story quest regardless of what difficulty you do. Make sure you have a full party. Having a full party allows you to do any dungeon without concern over your level or stats. If you want to grind a dungeon for all, then play every story quest very hard.

3. Have the Right Gear

When it comes gear, there are two types : Promotional Gear and actual gear. Promotional Gear is the default costume you get with each new job extension. Always wear the promotional gear and use it for all its worth.

Promotional Gear has a 10% EXP bonus that stacks with that 100% EXP medal. Promotional Gear lasts a great deal of time before expiring. So, make sure to level as much as you can while you have it. That extra 10% adds a great deal of EXP.

As for actual equipment, you need to build up your stats as you progress through the game of Elsword. There are two main sets you can get within each area: the Rare set and the Elite Set. The Rare Set can be found in boss drops, or you can get the pieces through story quests. The Elite Set can only be found through boss drops. Elite Set is suggested because it has higher stats right off the bat.

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