Five Things a Star Wars: The Old Republic Trilogy Should Focus On
Nov. 18, 2017

Last week, it was announced that Rian Johnson was commissioned to produce a new Star Wars trilogy that is a bit different from the traditional Skywalker saga. With three epochs of the galaxy, distant and distant already explored in the eight films to date, many have already speculated that this new trilogy can finally be immersed in the history of the Old Republic. And so, here are five things that the Old Republic trilogy should focus on, if Lucasfilm decided to go through that ...

A strong Sith order: One of the innovative aspects of the Old Republic is the presence of a fully formed Sith Order, in which hundreds of Sith warriors form an opposition to the Allied Jedi Republic. A trip to Korriban, the true birthplace of the Sith, should not be bad for knowing the history of this dark and despicable order.

Key figures: with this new trilogy, you can present several unique characters to a different audience. Dark Malgus, Dark Revan and Dark Malak all come to mind as potential Sith villains at this time, all of which could work very well on the big screen.

A new aesthetic: if we come to Johnson's trilogy and a better way to reinvent the series than to use the aesthetics of the Old Republic timeline, a new layer of paint may be needed in the Star Wars world. The uniqueness of the uniforms is particularly important at this time, as it moves away from the representative aspect of the forces of the storm and clones and Jedi robes.

Jedi History: If we receive more canonical excerpts from which the Jedi come, in novels, TV series and feature films, it will be interesting to see what aspects of the Jedi tradition come from the Old World. Republic. The Jedi hierarchy is something to consider between the Sentinels and the Knights and the Grand Master himself.

That Twist: of course, it would be a mistake not to mention the crucial moment associated with the Knights of the Old Republic. Without spoiling anything for those who have not played the wonderful campaign, it is safe to say that the phrase that is happening is very unique and totally unexpected.