Guild Wars 2 Begins Annual 'Shadow of the Mad King' Event
Nov. 3, 2017

Halloween events begin in the world of video games. For Guild Wars 2, it means welcoming the king of the undead Oswald Thorn. The event "Shadow of the Crazy King" has returned.

The Shadow of the Mad King tradition goes back to the original Guild Wars War. The annual festivities of the second game show a race through the king's labyrinth, which is full of ghostly gates, dead ends and huge monsters. There is also a new career activity in the labyrinth where players can mount their mounts on selected tracks. The parties can also try to enter the mad king by entering his hiding place or making friends with the crazy king's clock tower.

This year's event will also include activities without worry. Those who run around Lion's Arch can find the crazy king behind a game of Mad King Says. When they arrive in Tyria, they can collect sweet corn and other manufactured materials to make armor and furs related to the holidays.

The event "Sombra del Rey Loco" begins today and will run until November 7. Check out the full version notes on the Guild Wars 2 forums. And for those who have not been at Lion's Arch for a long time, it's worth noting that Guild Wars 2 has become very popular with the release of a new extension, so it may sound a little different.