The Beginning Of Every Apex Legends Game Is Basically Like This
Feb. 25, 2019

A player from Apex Legends posted a funny video that shows how almost all the battles begin at the Battle of Brawler. As the title of Respawn Entertainment increases in the playing cards, players have found a boring problem in combat.

Instead of working on another Titanfall game, Respawn Entertainment chose the Battle Royale fashion, such as Fortnite and PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds.

Apex Legends uses the classic formula of the last player and places the players in groups of three that make up the best team. Unfortunately, playing with random teammates can lead to a selfish game.

The video has certainly reached an agreement with the fans of Apex Legends. One player noticed that he refused to resuscitate someone who fell in battle and that he immediately stole all weapons and ammunition. Another reveals what happened to them and that they were abandoned with a dead weapon less than a minute later.

Regardless of what you think, when players "nibble" or look at the best products, there is no reason to miss the current popularity of Apex Legends.

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