The best buys from Bundesliga 2 in FIFA 18 Career Mode
Mar. 28, 2018
Look beyond the Bundesliga and Germany has a lot of talent to strengthen their team in the FIFA 18 career mode. Here is a group of jewels from the lower league.

Football fans across Europe will love the Bundesliga, but the German Bundesliga is not the end of football.

The second league has its fair share of big clubs, with many players who have the talent to play at a higher level, but with lower transfer fees and lower salaries than a Bundesliga team would have to pay.

We selected 11 of the best players in the Bundesliga 2, one for each position in a 4-3-3 formation, and we gave him instructions on how much he could put back into the FIFA 18 career mode. first transfer window, and although these transfer fees are what we pay, you can get them cheaper by offering purchase clauses.