The Fastest Ways to Redeem a Steam Gift Card
Jun. 7, 2018
Have you redeemed your Steam gift card? Do you have any confusion about how to redeem a Steam gift card? With the balance of the gift card converted to your Steam Wallet, you can purchase the games in the Steam Store. Here are the two fastest ways to redeem a Steam gift card. Don’t wait! Get your Steam gift card redeemed and enjoy your favourite games.

1. Fastest Way One: redeem a Steam gift card with the Steam Program
a. Start the Steam desktop application and login to your Steam account
b. Click your account name in the upper right-corner, then select “Account Details”.
c. Click the "+ Add funds to your Steam Wallet".
d. Click "Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code".
e. Enter your Steam Wallet Code to redeem.
f. Enter your address if prompted. If you've never made a purchase on Steam before or have never added any funds to your wallet, you'll be prompted for your address so that the funds can be converted to the proper currency. The address doesn't have to be real if there is no payment method like a credit card associated with it.
g. Confirm the amount that will be added. Once you've entered the code, you'll be shown how much will be added to your account. Confirm that this is the correct amount.
Note: If you are entering a code from another region, the total will be converted to your local currency using the day's exchange rate.
h. Apply the wallet balance during checkout. When you're making a purchase, select "Steam Wallet" as the payment method to pay with your wallet balance. If the balance is insufficient, you'll need a secondary payment method to pay for the rest.
2. Fastest Way Two: redeem a Steam gift card with the Steam Mobile App
a. Open the Steam app on your mobile device. You can use the Steam mobile app to redeem your wallet codes.
b. Tap the Menu button.
c. Tap the "Store" option.
d. Tap "Account Details" in the Store sub-menu.
e. Tap "+ Add funds to your Steam Wallet". You'll be taken to a screen where you can select how you want to add funds.
f. Tap "Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code".
g. Enter the code and tap "Continue."
h. Enter your address if prompted. This is required if you've never entered your address before so that Steam can convert the code to the correct currency. The address doesn't necessarily have to be real.
i. Review and confirm the amount that will be added. You'll be shown how much will be added to your Steam wallet balance. Note: You may be informed that your code will be converted into your local currency. Steam uses the daily conversion rate when converting currency.
j. Verify that the wallet shows your new balance. You can view your account balance from the "Account Details" page. This will show how much money is in your Steam wallet.
Note: The funds should appear immediately, but the process may take up to two hours.

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