Two Developers who keep Guild Wars 1 Alive
Apr. 8, 2019

The first Guild Wars were released in 2005. According to MMO standards, it is old. Two developers have made it their mission to keep the game alive and have discovered how to do it better than ever.

The original game Guild Wars, a fantastic MMO in the world of Tyria, was released in 2005 by NCSoft. It was surpassed in 2012 by a sequel, Guild Wars 2. Guild Wars 1 never died, but was halved Ten years ago, when ArenaNet was automating maintenance, a small but dedicated core of players continued to make guilds and wars, but the ravages of time finally prevailed.

It was a disaster. However, Clarke-Willson and programmer Bill Freist discovered in Guild Wars 1 an error similar to the one they had previously removed from Guild Wars 2 to try to repair and move the servers. It really hurts the experience of some players.

When testing the changes, Clarke-Willson and Freist have decided to create a subreddit subprocess of Guild Wars, which the team will tend to avoid, since it is predominantly by players. They were surprised to learn that many people were still interested in the original version of Guild Wars.

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